About Us


Dayspring Missions is a non-profit,international helping hands organization, started in January 2000. We are based in Jacksonville, Florida, with national offices in the countries of Haiti, and Kenya, East Africa.

Dayspring Missions embraces a spiritual and a humanitarian outreach. Our spiritual vision is to: Reach the people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and teach the Kingdom of God.

The humanitarian vision is to: Provide economic opportunity, humanitarian assistance, education, and leadership training.

Our long-term goal is to help nationals become self-supporting, and develop ways to improve their standard of living.

Operational decision making of Dayspring Missions is vested in a system of interrelated Boards of Directors. Accountability and responsibility is required in the leadership.

The International Office in Jacksonville, Florida is governed by a five member Board of Directors The Dayspring Haiti National Office is governed by a five member Board of Directors.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to extend helping hands to enable willing hands, in order to effect change by providing opportunity, guidance, healing and hope.

HELPING HANDS: - Develop small business projects that will creat jobs and financial assistance.
GUIDING HANDS: - Education, schools, vocational training, etc.
HEALING HANDS - Medical first aid clinics, food programs, catastrophic aid programs.
BUILDING HANDS - Construction, repair, reconstruction, and building projects.
IMPARTING HANDS - Leadership training, conferences and conventions.


Spiritual Humanitarian Economic
Gospel crusades and evangelism
Plant and establish churches
Pastors, leadership conferences
Church conventions
Youth and children programs
Bible School training
Rice and food distribution
Medical first aid clinics
Nutritional programs
Disaster relief programs
Christmas gift programs
Schools, education
Vocational trade schools
Small business projects
Agricultural programs


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Pastor Allen Yoder Pastor Vital Cilliac Bishop John Okinda